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FALL 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are required to be given during the designated exam week.

Any exceptions to the published final exam times contained here must be approved by the provost. 

Finals for online courses are set within the announced testing window by the faculty member teaching the class.

Synchronous online classes will have online finals.

Fall 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Students with time conflicts for exams OR three or more final examinations on the same day are entitled to arrange an alternative examination time for the last exam or exams scheduled on that day. If there is a conflict on the exam schedule, the course meeting later in the week will arrange an alternate time. Such arrangements must be made by the end of the 12th week of the semester (last day to drop a full-semester course) and must be approved by the instructor and department head or program director of the affected course. Students will be required to provide evidence of these situation to qualify for this exception. Once approved, the make-up examination will be administered at a mutually acceptable time and location.